Tips for Successful Hiring in AI and ML

April 15, 2022
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the most demanding categories of expertise in 2022. As one of the leaders in AI and ML recruiting, Razoroo breaks down the tips you need to succeed in attracting top talent.

AI and ML Recruiting: Top Tips for Successful Hiring

For businesses that are serious about their digital transformation efforts, artificial intelligence and machine learning are strategic fields of research and implementation. That said, recruiting employees with the necessary skill sets for these fields can be challenging for companies that don’t have in-house experts. Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the top tips for successful hiring of AI and ML specialists.

It's worth noting at this point, that Razoroo is the most-trusted and top AI and ML recruiting firm in the United States.

Track Down Talent in Academia

The most effective way to find candidates with the necessary AI and ML skills is to partner with academics. These researchers usually conduct groundbreaking research on machine learning, and they’re always looking for clients to provide real-world applications for their algorithms.

If you can hire researchers, you can hire researchers. If you want to hire AI and ML specialists, look for researchers.

Use Video Interviews

When you’re trying to find AI and ML talent, you’ll want to go beyond job postings and recruit video interviews. While it may seem like a lot of extra work, video interviewing is the way to go. It allows you to study the candidates’ body language and reactivity while they speak, which is a goldmine of information. And, because it’s a digital medium, you can use any recording software you want. That means, you can do all your hiring in your free time, which is important because you’re busy people!

AI and ML Talent Acquisition

In most cases, recruiting AI and ML talent comes down to finding experts who are available and interested in working for you. That said, in order to find high-quality candidates, you’ll want to aim for the front page of talent searches. In that vein, here are some of the best ways to do this.

- Advertising: You may have heard that you shouldn’t pay for online ads for hiring purposes. Well, that’s a myth. You can spend money on ads for salary listings, job ads, and more. The only rule is that you can’t bid on your own job listings. Moreover, you can run ads on sites like TalentBin, which is a great way to find AI and ML candidates in your area.

- Online Forums: If you want to find talent that’s not active on social media, but is in your specific industry, you should look at online forums. You can search for these types of posts on various forums, read important posts on these posts, and then reply to the posters. If you can get the appropriate moderators to approve your replies, you’ll be able to establish a dialogue with some of the best AI and ML talent out there.

- Your Company’s Slack Channel: One of the best ways to find AI and ML candidates is to ask your employees to help you find talent. You can do this by setting up a channel on your company’s Slack channel and posting jobs for AI and ML talent. Get your employees to post these ads, and you’ll be able to find a lot of potential hires.

Networking Is a Must

Another thing you should do is build your own AI and ML talent network. That network can be composed of people you meet at conferences, seminars, and meetups, but it can also be your company’s internal network.

This is especially important if you want to find AI and ML talent that’s not active on social media. That is, if you want to reach experts in subjects like statistics, mathematics, computer science, and more, you’ll want to meet people face-to-face.

Ask candidates to take an AI/ML Test

One of the best ways to ensure that your new hires have the necessary AI and ML skills is to take them through a test. You can do this by having new hires take a test like those at AIHub or AIHub.

These tests are great because they allow you to see a candidate’s level of knowledge in areas like statistics, their ability to understand data, and their general reasoning skills. This is especially helpful for hiring managers who want to know whether or not a candidate is a good fit for the company.

Final Words: Hiring for AI and ML Specialists Isn’t Easy, but It Can Be Done

If you want to hire AI and ML talent, you need to be proactive. That is, you need to be constantly looking for talent and actively going after it. Moreover, you need to be willing to work with anyone who has the right skills and experience, even if they’re not located within your company.

That said, if you do these three things, you’ll be well on your way to hiring AI and ML specialists.

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